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During a deep-space scouting mission, you find your ship low on fuel and trapped in a foreign asteroid field. Your only chance of survival is to blast your way out and head back to Earth. In Return to Earth's endless single-player mode, take control of your ships computer, managing fuel, weapons and defenses to survive as long as you can against waves of never ending asteroids as you attempt to achieve the highest score possible!

Face off against a friend in Return to Earth's competitive multi-player mode, using the mechanics you've learned in the single-player to gain the upper hand and destroy your rival's ship. Blast your opponent into space using the ultimate laser or play defensive, using your shield and focusing on fuel to outlive them.

Developed by MoonBolt Media:

-James Miller: Lead Programmer

-Chris Jones: 2D Artist / UI Artist

-Alex Cortes: Creative Director / Technical Artist / Programmer

-Rebecca Anisman: Producer / Sound Designer

Music: Autumn Nights - DL Music


ReturnToEarth_PC.zip 20 MB
ReturnToEarth_Mac.zip 23 MB